Why do we need change?

Our current system for supporting older adults with dementia is limiting. It is founded on a biomedical paradigm that limits the capacity of our aging population. An advocacy movement of older adults with dementia and their supporters has formed around the world. The Imagination Network is proud to be a part of this movement.  

how will we create change?

community building

Creative engagement, education, dialogue, research and culture-making bring older adults with dementia together with the rest of their community to foster meaningful relationships.


We are developing a community of practice to advocate for the basic human right to be heard, valued and a contributing member of society for older adults with dementia

New Understandings and Shifting Perspectives

Through engaging in community-based participatory research and community-engaged arts, we are expanding and shifting the current paradigms that limit our views and relationship to aging.

creating a model

By documenting and sharing our challenges and our triumphs, we hope to pave the way for others inspired to do similar work in their communities. 

Our team includes an evaluator who is focussed on finding ways to document the changes that the work is bringing about for participants, their loved ones and the community.


Special thanks to our sponsors and funders whose ongoing contributions have made this project possible.