Facilitators in trainting will participate in our 8-week on-line introductory course in creative collaboration with people living with the experience of dementia.

Is it for you?

The ideal facilitator…

  • Is curious, playful, and energetic,
  • Is comfortable with creative activities,
  • Is excited to collaborate with people living with dementia,
  • Has some knowledge of dementia and/or previous experience working with people with dementia,
  • Wants to incorporate creative engagement into their professional practice, and
  • Resides in Canada

        What are you committing to?

        • Attending up to two 2-hour weekly on-line training sessions for 8 weeks,
        • Participating in the Raising the Curtain research project through discussions, exercises and creative engagement,
        • Co-facilitating and participating in creative engagement workshops, and
        • Participating in weekly evaluations and a final focus group

        What’s the time commitment?

        • 8 weeks (April 2021 to June 2021)
        • Approximately 2-4 hours per week (with hours varying by week)


        How much does it cost?

        Nothing. We are asking all our facilitators in training to provide us with feedback and evaluations, which is payment enough!

        If you are a freelance professional and require subsistence to take this training, let us know. We have two honorariums for participants available.

        GET IN TOUCH

        If you would like to be involved in our new cohort, please contact

        Vicky at contact@imaginationnetwork.org


        Special thanks to our sponsors and funders whose ongoing contributions have made this project possible.