The Imagination Network

Experience a new way to view aging and dementia.

We are a dynamic group of artists, healthcare professionals, academics and advocates engaging in creative projects with older adults aiming to change the way we view and experience aging in our community.

The Imagination Network was founded on the belief that—no matter our age—we can continue to contribute to our community.  As we adapt to the conditions of aging, to cognitive, social or physical challenges, our communities need to adapt with us.  The Imagination Network amplifies the voices of older citizens through cultural creation, public engagement, academic research and civic discourse to foster meaningful connections across sectors and transform how our society responds to aging, older age and dementia.

Shadow Puppet Show
Creating together

Spring Cohort

The Imagination Network has developed a range of workshops from our collaborative creative engagement projects with persons living with the experience of dementia.  Our techniques and exercises for creative engagement have evolved through our journey, and we are still learning.

This spring we offered an on-line training series to share the creative engagement process we explored in our Raising The Curtain workshops. We met with people interested in learning more about this work, and ran a cohort to test drive this material. This new cohort included online workshops, group discussions, and feedback circles over eight weeks.

We will run more of these in the future. Join our Newsletter to stay informed.

a research project

Raising The Curtain

exploring the lived experience of dementia

Raising the Curtain is a ground-breaking multi-year research project that blends Community Engaged Arts Practice with Community Based Participatory Research: part arts – part healthcare – part research and education. Over the past three years we have been hosting creative workshops using a range of artistic mediums, exploring questions on the lived experience of dementia from the perspective of those living it, producing art work, music, poetry and performances, gathering rich research data, and sharing this work with the wider community.

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